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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little city, big Pride

This weekend was our little city's Pride parade, and it was the biggest I've seen yet. It was about six years ago that I moved here from Toronto, and I made it for the Peterborough's first Pride. I'm pretty sure the protesters outnumbered the paraders. This year there were no protesters, the sun was shining, and my buddy Iris made a sparkly pink sign that read "Bossy femmes against rape culture." Oh, and there was lots of facepaint. Pretty much the day was perfect.

My fabulous friend Meagh, gettin' her face did.

More fabulousness.

Claire, from over at A Pragmatic, Bleeding Heart, rockin' the knuckle tat. 

And I am a butterfly.

I <3 Pride. Oh, and there are not enough sparkles in my life.

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