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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

garden love.

So, my lover and I have pretty much the most impressive garden ever. (Or really, that I've ever had, which is not saying a whole lot.) Its a community garden located in a park near our house, and we never expected it to do what it did. Which was to grow. And grow. Its the first year for this garden - this time last year it was just a field of grass.

This is the garden when we first broke soil in the spring.

And this is the garden now.


  1. um, i LOVE you! I cannot believe that you have had this blog for five days without telling me! I have a foodblog, it just has no posts on it yet. This will all change very very shortly. You are very swiftly kicking my butt into gear.

    Your blog is beautiful. Your life is beautiful. You are beautiful.


  2. I want to read your food blog! I mean really what I mean is, I want you to feed me every day, but since that can't happen I want pictures and recipes!